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after a killer free dance, they finish with fourth, skate the gala, and head home.after worlds, word comes out that victoria stormed into her rink, packing up her stuff, all the while yelling about how she was going to go skate with and sinitsina jet off to canton in the beginning of april, where they arrange a three-week tryout with zueva, instead of morozov, who’s left without any senior skaters at his rink.the russian federation funds all of it.elena and ruslan pair up unofficially, training under kustarova, victoria and ruslan’s old coach, who promotes them through the news media.rumors slowly begin to swirl that nikita wants to leave the partnership.elena found an article online before they left for saitama, talking about such things, and nearly refused to go to worlds in her anger.they finish second at europeans due to elena falling during her twizzles, and second at russian nationals because elena was dropped out of a lift and nikita messes up on the team was not known for their consistency, in any sochi, they win gold in team event after one of the best performances of their free all season.they get to the individual event and skate both nearly cleanly (much to the surprise of most), and claim the bronze medal. ” Plus he was a great skater and now he is good too. (translation / source video) [interview from 2012]they share a three year age difference, and for this they didn’t get along well - she was starstruck by his ability and wanted to skate with him, but he would bark at her whenever she screwed up.

they work with ilia averbukh on yet-to-be announced free dance.meanwhile, victoria and nikita work with zueva in canton, none of their programs having been released to public knowledge yet.elena goes back to russia after about two years in canton, she and nikita have a great tryout, and boom, they’re back together.i’d place this around 2008won junior worlds in 2010, and declared their goal was sochi that year.it’s probably going to be a bloodbath.-so that’s pretty much i/k’s career and the future of the two new teams. i tried to answer this impartially and overall fairly.Ilinykh and Katsalapov were two-time European silver medalists (2013-14), 2012 European bronze medalists, 2010 world junior champions and three-time Russian silver medalists ...

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(the picture in question)rumors persisted throughout the quad that the two of them weren’t exceptional workers - elena often apparently had outbursts where she would scream or cry, and nikita apparently didn’t put his all into skating all of the time.

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