Sagittarius female dating a sagittarius male Hot sexy girls no sign up no login

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Sagittarius female dating a sagittarius male

She is guileless and transparent in who she is and what she is thinking.

When she offers only friendship people mistake it for an offering of love.

So ive been talking to this sagittarius women and its impossible to tell what she wants she says she misses me all the time yet takes 4 hours to respond to some text sometimes a whole day we already went out twice and the sexual chemistry/ mental stimulation was invigorating yet when were not together it seems she always busy, should I just move on? The coldest of signs (aqua) for some reason hates being ignored and ghosted. I know there’s a lot going on inin terms of policy ( far more progressive) and overall happiness of it's constituents they legalized Gay Marriage and Cannabis first........... Met her Wednesday and Friday At first I thought ooh cute Take her back to my place Tried the balcony close No dice Thursday we just texted Friday I dozed over to her place We went to the mall She bought some work stuff WIt seems like Christmas is the time to get dumped - at least this is the second time in a row that it's happening to me.

No dont give up Saggis, at least me, i am horrible at phone communication. And I just realized that gems na What makes your heart melt? and they have better health care for example why can't we get our b*tter together here in the U. do Being ruled by Mercury, I would like to know how does Mercury retrograde affect you?

Am I making the right choice in backing off is she bieng a player? I need some sag female insight please Posted by youngscorpkid Update:she has texted me three times the first one I ignored, second one I responded too 7 hours late on purpose then the third one was today something about her phone bieng broken which I responded "ok cool" I lost interest because of bad communication (and because i think she is getting treetrunked right now on vacation). Give them some wiggle room because one day you'll want the same from them.

Am I making the right choice in backing off is she bieng a player? I need some sag female insight please You are making a bad decision. I take a while to answer texts and return calls sometimes because I am a busy bee. You have judged her as a player based on your imagination not evidence of her screwing anyone or purposely avoiding your texts, so you kicked in your own game playing. When you feel yourself become upset and emotional, think about the situation first. Fix this impulse to pay tit for tat NOW, before you let the desire to control situations dominate your dating life. And they don't dig bullbutter or evasive behavior all that much. If you don't want her to screw other men, freaking bring it up.

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