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TERI BAUER Jack’s kidnapped wife, Day 1 Actor: Leslie Hope As much as Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, Hope’s wife Teri set the tone for the entire “24” series. ’ ” That said, Hope thought it was the right call for her character to be killed by Sarah Clarke’s double-agent Nina, setting up Jack for eight days of pathos. Nuclear bombs do go off.” It almost, almost, overshadows Hope’s other most-famous moment, when her character climbs out of a car accident with no memory of her husband, daughter or the Serb killers on her trail. How long that show has been on, there must be something more ridiculous that has happened . Her transformation into double agent was truly hard to foresee.Both with a brief case of amnesia (a standard of preposterousness to which only cougars may aspire) and by getting killed in the final moments of the first day (showing that anyone could, and probably would, die on the show). “We had a back-up plan, but it was clear when we were shooting that I should be dead. Kiefer wondered if audiences would follow a hero who failed. The twist was a desperate necessity — the writers needed her character out of the action for a few episodes. “In the first season, they seemed to respond to the idea that Nina was this powerful woman,” says Sarah Clarke.Next: Trapped in a hotel with a killer virus, she’s stabbed to death instead (“they wanted to do the unexpected”). “I wanted to go out in a hail of bullets,” Aylesworth says. After all, “24” is essentially a comic book, despite the college courses and fans in government.“I didn’t want to go out like a punk.” So, coming back for Day 5 only to be killed off (along with former President David Palmer) in the first few minutes? “I can see how it was really bold, and good for the show, really in the vein of ‘24.’ But yeah, it’s not how I wanted the character to go out.” For the proposed movie, then, maybe Aylesworth can do what Almeida did — propose the miraculous recovery of his character based on a technicality (there was no silent clock after his supposed death). She says that all the things people either blame or credit “24” for — from torture to electing a black president — are giving too much credence to televised fiction. ’” Which is the same line she’s used for everyone — critics included — since she stole Day 4 as terrorist sleeper suburban mom Dina Araz.” ‘24’ was smart enough to cross the color line with a black president and America was smart enough and brave enough to make it happen,” she says.“24 is notorious for art imitating life imitating art, especially with 9/11.

Impressed by her proximity to television’s new hero, fans accorded her great respect.“By the third season it had gotten so extreme with what Nina was doing,” says Clarke, who plays Bella’s mom in the “Twilight” movies.“Originally with the confrontation between me and [Jack’s daughter] Kim, they were going to have me get away and Jack going to shoot me but miss. I have to kill her this time.’ We all agreed.” Seldom has a character’s death brought such a sense of satisfaction to fans of the show.“We finally told the first AD I had an announcement.It was back in May of the first season and everyone thought I was going to announce we were picked up.

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