Online dating danger stories

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Online dating danger stories

But for now, he laments that his fellow gay refugees are stuck not just inside this house, but inside their own imaginations.Nelson (lying down) and his boyfriend, who has since been resettled to the US, pose for a portrait at the gated house.

Except, that is, for the moments when they must do precisely the opposite: chronicle their most intimate, often tragic stories during interviews that determine whether they’re eligible for resettlement to Europe or North America.

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Kenya has become a safe haven for those fleeing war and famine in neighbouring states.

They stand in line and take turns throwing a ball toward a thin metal rim elevated high on a wooden pole.

A de facto “coach” retrieves the netball and throws it to the next in line.

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But in secret hideaways and temporary homes, LGBT refugees are being forced – once again – to hide their true selves instead of walking out into the world with pride.

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