Mysterys dating system

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Mysterys dating system

The biggest reason I have put it off is that the date system Brandon made up is both supremely logical and at the same time totally crazy.A year has five hundred days, but there’s also a thousand-day cycle with different highstorms around the new year.Those numbers count up until the new year which is day 71.

In the aftermath of that crime, Nancy abandoned plans to become an English professor and turned her focus to criminal justice.She became a Law Review graduate of Mercer Law School and received her degree in constitutional and criminal law from New York University.Additionally, she donated her time to help staff the hotline at an Atlanta battered women's center for over 10 years.The next problem I dealt with were the line items that say something like “five years ago” for their date.With more than a year of onscreen time from the first chapters of The Way of Kings to the end of Oathbringer, it’s really necessary to note that it’s five years before what event with a solid date.

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In addition, she was a highlight and fan favorite of “Dancing with the Stars,” finishing Season 13 in the competition’s coveted Top 5.