Muslim turkish men dating non muslim

Posted by / 18-Jan-2018 10:01

Muslim turkish men dating non muslim

In recent years, marriages between Muslim men and Christian women have ceased to be a rarity.

According to the statistics produced by the Cypriot Ministry of Finance, the number of such marriages is growing every year.

Polygamy is illegal only in Turkey, Tunis, and the Ivory Coast.

On the other hand, the stronger sex, male Muslims, are allowed to marry women, a Christian or a Jewess, because first of all there will be no threat of the woman pressuring the husband to change religions, and secondly, the children will in any case be raised Muslim.

Also very important is the fact that in Islam the idea is rapidly gaining popularity of the man being obligated to apply constant pressure on their wives to accept Islam.

There is no talk of a religious agreement as it is understood in Judaism or the Christian sacrament.

Regardless of the fact that at the wedding of a young couple permission from Allah is received during a religious ceremony at the reading of the Koran, in recent years a tendency can be seen toward regulating the marriage agreement by laws of private governmental acts.

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It is no coincidence that precisely Muslim law commands an enormous portion of the globe.