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This is true, there is an unpaid speeding ticket from Jasper, AR from April 2013. The other was out but said his name was Obrien or O’shea (I cant remember). Ten to fifteen minutes later two returned with Heathers purse and laptop bag. I honestly dont have the skills or lexicon to handle this. Goran Antunovic Just called FBI agent Hartman, who was unwilling to reveal the grounds of Heathers arrest. He also was afraid to give me his direct supervisors name. Very scared voice in his tone already because so many people already called him.We are trying to get that resolved now, be no one is answering the phone. We went through all the zippered pouches while they watched to ensure “there wasn’t a million dollars cash we didn’t know about” There may be more. Telling me in the end to never call his number again. 202-698-0555 Denice D https://gov/page/welcome-first-district Denice D https:// Love You know, if I was writing a script, I could not have picked a more perfect name for the agent to be, than T I M Heart Man [ PM] Sophia Love: My visual right now is that we are riding our bikes, up hill and we just threw our training wheels off so we could go faster!!!

[ AM] Denice D: She is being taken to Central booking IN DC. [ AM] Denice D: The three of them were detained by Secret Service for several hours last night at the white house gate.

They asked Alex about his gun ownership and if he hunted. I looked at them, “she is right there, not hiding, just smoking.” At this time I can only assume she was arrested.

Once again, we were reminded of Alex’s warrant in ARKANSAS, which they had verified now.

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