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Computer dating for dogs

“These behaviors would seem to be motivated from a jealous emotional state”—though of course, she pointed out, the findings don’t speak to the subjective state of the dog’s mind. So do dogs go green with envy in the same way we do? “Humans and dogs are different in a number of ways,” Harris said.

“For example, I would doubt that the dog ruminates on the transgression after the fact, whereas humans do.

While trying to grab the artifact (with the Annoying Dog in the inventory), a message appears saying "you're carrying too many dogs." Using/Dropping the Dog summons the Annoying Dog beside the protagonist.

The Annoying Dog then runs to the Legendary Artifact and absorbs it, while Dogsong plays once.

“One would push the other’s head out from underneath my hand so that both hands were on him. They each wanted exclusive affection.” Sniffing Out Rivals Adapting a jealousy study used on 6-month-old human babies, Harris and colleague Caroline Prouvost set up experiments with 36 dogs in their homes.Once thought to be too complex an emotion for nonhumans, jealousy in canines—and the “pay attention to me” behaviors that arise from it—probably evolved to protect important social bonds in the pack, according to a new paper.Study leader Christine Harris, a psychologist at the University of California at San Diego, was playing with her parents’ border collies when she got the idea to study jealousy in dogs.Though normally the dog can only be in the inventory in the Artifact Room and Piano Room, editing "file0" allows the protagonist have it in their inventory.If added to the inventory through file manipulation, the protagonist can sell the Annoying Dog at the Tem Shop for 999G and, if Temmie denies the sale, she negotiates the prices of 1251G.

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