Android phone not updating exchange calendar

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Android phone not updating exchange calendar

And this week, it’s delivered another great set of updates.Microsoft first released Outlook for Android and i OS in late January, just over two months ago.I don't know what caused the problem or what fixed it. Check that access to Contacts is allowed for Outlook: Steps may vary between devices and between operating systems.If you don't own an i OS or Samsung Android device, use these directions as a guideline: Important: Apple has fixed an issue in 11.0 that caused a "Cannot send mail" error for and Exchange mail accounts. If you don't see a calendar option or your account was listed as IMAP, tap More and select Remove account. If you are using a tablet with a screen size larger than 10.1 inches like a Surface Pro tablet, you most likely have the desktop version of Outlook.If you're on i OS 11.0, update your device to i OS 11.0.1 or later to fix the issue. See Resolve sync issues in Mail and Calendar apps in Windows 10, as well as Mail and Calendar for Windows 10 FAQ.

And there are some localization and accessibility improvements too.You can access a new three day view when you view Calendar in landscape view.(This is especially useful on larger devices like the i Phone 6 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Microsoft says.) Additionally, Calendar now supports zero-length meetings (which I use all the time), a “Remove from calendar” action for cancelled meetings, and an improved day picker when creating and editing meetings. When you search for items in Outlook, the search term are now highlighted in the results, which is one of those very obvious features that requires little explanation. Microsoft says it has made a number of fit and finish improvements to Outlook.The original app was essentially a rebranded version of Acompli, which Microsoft had purchased in December 2014.At the time, the firm promised that it would quickly update this new Outlook app so that it could remove previous mobile apps like OWA and from Google Play Store and App Store, and consolidate around this one app.

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